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Old Republic Title Company Selects Shoreline's IP PBX System for Western Region

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SUNNYVALE, CA, October 21, 2002 - Old Republic Title has selected Shoreline Communications' IP PBX phone system as their next-generation telephone system for the Western Region. Shoreline's VoIP solution is being deployed across California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.

Shoreline equipment has already been installed in the Western Region's IT headquarters, in San Jose, Calif., and in five other Old Republic sites in California, Arizona and Hawaii. There are 130 offices and 1,850 employees in the Western Region.

Scott Schweitzer, chief architect for Old Republic, said the Shoreline gear will replace the traditional PBX systems that have previously been used throughout Old Republic's Western Region, for the first time creating a single, seamlessly integrated phone system across all offices.

"With our old setup, we had a different stand-alone phone system in every office," he said. "Every time we set up a new office we had to buy a new PBX, have a vendor configure and install the PBX, and the PBXs were never designed to talk to each other. Adding or moving an employee was another kind of nightmare, with a day's wait or more, and a $200 charge from a service technician. With Shoreline, our IT staff can easily and quickly do all the work needed to add a new employee or even a new office."

"The Shoreline system clearly was designed by people who understand phones and the issues that go with them – reliability, availability and ease of use," said Schweitzer. "We did a pilot test of another VoIP system from a major networking vendor. It took four of the vendor's engineers a day to set up, and then, even after our employees had gone through a training session, they were asking, 'What do we do when the phone rings?' The system was hard to configure, with a complex command-line interface and several different web interfaces each with a different role. It was a network device first, then a phone system."

Another benefit expected from the new phone system, he added, will be the savings derived from Shoreline's "least-cost routing" capability, which will minimize costly telephone tolls by routing calls through the Old Republic office nearest to their final destination.

Old Republic is deploying all ShoreGear-24 voice switches, which support 24 telephone ports each, plus some four-port ShoreGear Teleworker switches for some of the company's mobile staff. The equipment is being supplied through Shoreline partner Ketchum Integration of San Jose.

About Old Republic Title Company

Old Republic Title Company provides a complete line of residential insurance and commercial title insurance and services through a national network of branch offices, subsidiaries and independent policy-issuing agents. The parent company, Chicago-based Old Republic International Corporation(NYSE: ORI) is one of the nation's 50 largest publicly owned insurance organizations, with assets of approximately $8.07 billion. For more information, go to Old Republic Title's web site, at

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications Inc. has been shipping IP phone systems since October 1998, with more than 71,000 IP voice stations installed. The award-winning Shoreline IP Voice Communications System is a platform based on Shoreline's Distributed Internet Voice Architecture, designed to meet enterprise requirements for scalability, reliability, and manageability. In addition, the Shoreline system provides both a rich set of integrated voice services as well as standards-based interfaces to 3 rd party voice applications that enhance personal and organizational productivity. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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